Sunday, January 8, 2012

Storyboard Art

A snippet of some storyboards I did for a school project. I actually don't know if I'm aloud to be showing these, but no one said otherwise, so here ya go. This scene is somewhere in the middle of the story so it's a little out of context. It was very fun to draw. Part of me thinks that storyboarding is the route I would like to go in the animation industry.


Shelly said...

Love it! That is so fun!

Scott Wiser said...

This is a great action scene...lots of funny bits. If you are looking for feedback, I have some ... just insights which could improve this already great sequence.

Scott Wiser said...

Hello again, Tom. Have you ever seen Sherm Cohen's DVDs at You should they're awesome.

You have a lot of fun things happening here...but alot of times you are missing some "anticipations" (set ups before your punchlines).

For example ... I have a hard time telling panel 2 was face ... if you have a "normal" pose and facial expression (maybe his head could be profil so he could turn to what you have.

Before panel 5 you could have him up on the horse so your audience sees the fall.

As the camel stops at the cliff, it would be good to first show a panel with the guy down low, tail stretched then show what you have to better indicate how he begins that high-arched trajectory.

Between the cliff breaking off (top down view, which is awesome!) and him hitting the the ledge, what happens to the ground which was underneath him? Are you planning to show the ledge as "empty" before he slams down onto it? Then you should probably have a panel with just your empty background or something in the description.

Your camera angles and compositions are great and your draftsmanship is awesome. Your work will shine even brighter as you are a bit more thorough ... and you probably want to label/number your panels.

Hope these comments are helpful. Good work and good luck!