Short story of a Milk and OJ carton

Milk:  "Ten cents he picks me today."
Orange Juice:  "Here we go again."

Milk:  "Today will be the day, there's no doubt about it."
OJ:  "I don't know why I put up with this."

Milk:  "I can feel it inside.  Something is stirring within me."
OJ:  "Dude, I think that's because you've expired.  You're probably just feeling the effects of your milk beginning to curdle."

Milk:  (sniffs himself) "I don't smell anything..."

Milk:  "...If you're afraid to lose ten cents I completely understand."

OJ:  "Make it twenty cents and I'll even throw in a string cheese!"

Milk:  "Done!"

OJ:  "Shush. I think he's coming."

Milk:  "Ahhh yeeeah!"