Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Rare and priceless works of art

If anyone is planning on making a trip to Zion National Park, might I suggest a few art galleries to visit during your stay.

You may want to start by visiting the Michael Fatali gallery full of stunning landscape photography.  Or step in the DeZion Gallery featuring local artist's work of paintings, drums, and gourds. But if that's not your thing, just make sure you set aside a few hours to visit the world famous Bumbleberry Inn Gift Shop featuring some rare artwork done by yours truly.

Featured here are some of the illustrations I did for Pillow Tie. Blurry, they are. Which is why you need to go see them in person to really absorb the coronal rays they emit. And while you're there, buy a tie as well. Tell them I sent you and they might throw in a slice of Bumbleberry pie. (I'm confident that won't actually happen.)

Story goes like this:  My wife's family goes to Zion National Park every year and we've been lucky enough to be present the last two years.  We didn't get to go this year, because of my job that I love so much that I'd rather use a porcupine for toilet paper than work there another year. (Mom, does that sentence have grammatical errors?)

While at work, I received a picture text message with the above photo from my brother-in-law Randy informing me that I no longer need to worry about work or money anymore because my art is hanging in the Bumbleberry Inn Gift Shop.  You can imagine my elation.  Turns out I still have to work and I'm very concerned about money, but I still feel pretty cool. This is a giant step up from just getting my macaroni art projects hung up in school.