Sunday, January 30, 2011

monkey thievery

I wasn't going to post this until I'd fixed it the way I wanted to.  But I don't know if that will ever happen.  This was the final project for an intermediate animation class I took in the fall.  I'd say it's a step up from my initial animation stuff, but I still have a long way to becoming an outlier.

This is based off a character I designed for another project.  He's just trying to get some R and R when a pesky monkey swipes his hand made hat.

3 points if you can guess what he says at the end.

And for anyone interested in my current affairs, I have transferred from the Art Institute to Utah Valley University.  So essentially I'm restarting, again, a bachelor's degree... again.  If I was really thinking, I'd just go back to kindergarten.  That's where the real self discovery happens.  But I'm pretty confident I've found my home, again.

I'd also love to find a different job during this whole process.  Anyone...?  Anyone...?  I'll mow your lawn.  I'll draw pictures of people mowing your lawn.  What are my skills, you ask?  I can ride a unicycle!!  Okay, maybe I'll go back to kindergarten.