Monday, June 7, 2010

now for some acrylic paint

The last time I had a chance to mess around with actual paint was in high school and that didn't go any farther than some drain pipes and four faceless portraits of the band Weezer.  After that I thought I'd finished on a pretty high note.
Since I've started up school again, I've been compelled to try again.  I have to admit that I forgot how fun it was.
The following are various assignments.  I'll walk you through each one.  
Please step into my gallery and follow me.  Don't touch!

These are a handful of 8x8 paintings meant to illustrate various color harmonies



Triadic (tertiary colors)

Triadic (primary colors)

Here we have a copy I did of another painting.  You can see the original (obviously better one) at the Hope Gallery in Orem, Ut.

And finally, this is a study in value depicting a screenshot from the movie There Will Be Blood.
His name is Daniel Plainview.
Well folks, thanks for stopping by.  Sorry for wasting your time.  I can only validate if you purchase something from the gift shop.
Stay tuned for some of my first animation projects.